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Pediatric dentistry isn't just general dentistry scaled down to kid-size treatments; toddlers, kids, and pre-teens have unique needs and physiology that require specialized treatment. Pediatric dentists undergo additional training to ensure the needs of our littlest patients are being met.

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When Should I Schedule My Child's First Dental Visit?

The American Dental Association recommends parents and caregivers should schedule their child's first appointment shortly after the emergence of their first tooth, or before their first birthday. 

We know what you’re probably thinking; it seems premature to schedule a dental visit with the eruption of just one tooth, after all, how much trouble can one tooth cause? But, starting early is a great way to monitor the progression of the incoming teeth and to catch issues at their most treatable stages.

Pediatric Dentist in Brandon, FL – Mora Dental Studio
Pediatric Dentist in Brandon, FL – Mora Dental Studio

Setting the Foundation for a Lifetime of Optimal Oral Health

The purpose of your child's first several appointments is to monitor the eruption of incoming teeth and to get them acquainted with the routine of dental checkups and cleanings. We will also introduce them to proper brushing and flossing techniques and impress upon them the importance of preventive care.

Depending on your child's unique requirements, we may recommend fluoride treatments and/or sealants to prevent cavities.

Treating Pediatric Dental Issues

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Viviana Mora is equipped to handle a range of dental issues affecting children. These can include cavities, gum disease, as well as developmental concerns. All treatments, including fillings and crowns, are specially tailored to meet the needs of your child.

Pediatric Dentist in Brandon, FL – Mora Dental Studio

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