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Do you have a dental phobia or experience anxiety when visiting the dentist? It’s more common than you probably realize. Dental-related phobias and anxieties affect upwards of 40% of the US adult population. Therefore, you should never feel self-conscious or embarrassed about bringing it up with the team at Mora Dental Studio.

To help you feel calm and comfortable during dental procedures, we offer sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide sedation.

How Does Dental Sedation Work?

The most common form of sedation dentistry used today is nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide, sometimes called "laughing gas," is a mild form of sedation that helps patients feel more relaxed and better able to manage anxiety. 

When you undergo nitrous oxide sedation, a nasal hood is placed over your nose. You then breathe in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. Since nitrous oxide is fast-acting, you will feel its effects in just a few minutes. You will feel relaxed and slightly euphoric. 

Since nitrous oxide is a form of conscious sedation, you will be awake throughout the procedure. This means you will still be able to communicate with the dentist and receive instructions.

One of the great things about nitrous oxide is that, as soon as the nasal hood is removed, you will begin to feel normal in just a few moments. This means it is perfectly safe to drive home after receiving nitrous oxide sedation. 

Sedation Dentistry in Brandon, FL – Mora Dental Studio

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