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You may shudder when you hear the dentist recommend root canal therapy, but there is nothing to worry about. With modern anesthesia, techniques, and tools, many patients report that root canal therapy has about the same level of discomfort as having a cavity filled. The goal of root canal therapy is to eliminate the infected tissues from the pulp chamber and root canals so the tooth can be restored and saved.

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What is Root Canal Therapy and When is it Necessary?

Sometimes referred to as "endodontic treatment," root canal therapy is a procedure that is performed to remove infected tissues from the pulp chambers and root canals of the tooth. The "pulp" is the innermost tissue of the tooth and contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. When an infection reaches the inner tooth, the only way to stop it is through intervention.

Diagnosing the Cause

Before we recommend root canal therapy, we will perform a thorough examination, including digital X-rays. This will help us determine the cause and scope of your symptoms.

Treating the Tooth

Prior to root canal therapy, the tooth and surrounding tissues are numbed using a local anesthetic. This helps ensure you will not feel pain during the procedure.

To start root canal therapy, the dentist creates an opening at the crown of the tooth. The dentist then uses a series of instruments to remove the infected pulp and tissues from the root canals and pulp chamber. The dentist will then shape and clean the tooth in preparation for filling.

Filling and Restoring the Tooth

To prevent further infection, the root canals and pulp chamber are filled with gutta-percha, a natural, biocompatible material. The access hole is then sealed off. Depending on how extensive the procedure is, your dentist may recommend a dental crown in order to restore the strength of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy in Brandon, FL – Mora Dental Studio

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